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Datusimban Akissah P.
The Contemporary World
BS Accountancy 2-A
Mr. Kim Harold Marjolino
Engaging Activity
Activity: My Definition of Globalization
What is globalization to you? Write your definition of globalization in the box below.
Globalization describes the growing interdependence of the world's economies,
cultures, and populations. Speedup of movements and exchanges of human beings,
goods, and services, capital, technologies or cultural practices. It can refer to a number of
different areas of concentration. It reduces inflation rates and increases the take home pay
of workers because the cost of consumption is lower.
Performance Tasks
Activity: From Local to Global Brands, We've Got Them All At Home!
Globalization has reached the home of almost all Filipinos in this day and age. Take
an inventory of local and global products inside your house. List ten (10) items in your
household examples are appliances, gadgets, articles, etc. Write the items in the table
provided below. Specify also the country of origin of your foreign-brand stuff. After
completing your list, answer the following questions and write your answer for each item in
the space provided:
Product Label/s
Country of Origin
1. Cellphone
2. Laptop
3. Make-Up
4. Shoes
North America
5. Electric Fan
6. Clothes
7. Books
Cost Accounting
8. Cabinet
9. Watch
10. Bags
A. What kind of local products are available in your community? How about global-brand
 Some of our appliances, vehicles and clothing is made from the Philippines and some is
made from other countries. When it comes to food products like chips, frozen foods and
etc. some of it is made from the Philippines and some of it is also made form other
B. Why are there locally made and internationally made products made in the Philippines?
 Filipinos are known to be hardworking and very thorough in their work which is why many
international companies build factories and assembly plants in the country. This boosts
employment and also Filipino pride that there are products out there that have the label,
Made in the Philippines.
C. How globalized is your home?
 Globalization begins at home, through communication, knowledge and the ability to
interact with your family members. And by the means of technology you can easily can
trade even in you are just laying in your bed. Buying things for you house that is made
from different countries.
D. What do you think about globalization? Can we avoid it?
 If each and every one of us thought there is no need to globalize reallocate activities
across the nation, or continent, or whole world, import foreign goods, learn of other
cultures and languages, integrate own culture and life with new imported features and
etc., no globalization would take place and each and every town on earth would have
remaind a closed entity.
E. Can you explain the following quote: "we can't undo globalization, but we can improve it"?
 You can't go forward by going backward. Global flows of trade and investment add
economic value, and dismantling systems that rely on globalization would reduce
F. What is your realization after doing this activity?
 Without globalization, the would be a closed system. A closed system meaning we would
not know what was going on in other countries. This also means no sharing of inventions
and discoveries. Overall, there would not be any categorization of rich and poor countries.