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What is an EPIC POEM??
A long, narrative poem that tells about the adventures of a hero who reflects the ideals and/or
values of a nation or race.
Elements of Epic Poems
1. Legendary Hero
The protagonist is very famous during his lifetime. In ancient epics, the hero is usually partially-divine or
protected by the gods.
2. Superhuman Strength, Bravery, and Adventure
The hero is capable of unbelievable physical and mental feats that no real human could accomplish.
3. Expansive Settings
The hero's adventure spans across time and space, even to other worlds and dimensions.
4. Supernatural Elements
The plot and characters are shaped by supernatural and other-worldly elements, such as, time travel,
space travel, immortality, gods, demons, angels, mythical creatures and superpowers.
5. Omniscient Narrator
The narrator is all-seeing and all-knowing, and shares every character's perspective with the audience.
6. Exaggerated Writing Style
Usually, the writing style is overly formal or exaggerated, using many decorative literary devices.