Death of a salesman

Willy is a father of two sons Biff and Happy and wife name Linda .
Willy likes Happy because Happy is a successful man while Biff is hated by him because of his unsuccessful life
One night ,Willy is talking to some imaginary people and he even shout to them . Because of his shout , Biff
and Happy wake up and worried about thei father Biff thinks that he needs to see his former boss to borrow
some money and make a loan and start a business .
In the next morning Will meets his boss and tells him about his problem in travelling for the sake of business
instead of providing him a new job the boss fired him . Willy goes to see his sons at a restaurant . Willy is
sure that his son will get a a loan . When they reach there Willy expect for a good news from Biff but sadly
Biff tells him that he couldn’t get the loan . Then they leave their father at the restaurant who is busy in
dreaming and reliving in the past .
Once they are at home, their mother is mad at them for leaving their dad alone at the restaurant. An
argument starts among the family. Biff tells that he cannot live according to his father expectation. Willy
realizes that Biff is just like him, He loves him so much. He is stress and frustrated. He decides to commit
suicide so that the insurance money could be some use to Biff to start a new business. Linda feels strange
after her husband commit suicide. She feels like his husband is like by everyone but during the funeral no one
The American dream
Abandoment & betrayal
Natural and artificial world
• Willy strongly believes in
the rise of the individual
in society in the american
myth. Willy beliefs that
anyone can achieve
economic and social
success through
hardwork. He also claims
that being well-liked and
beautiful is all it takes to
be successful in business.
• Willy’s entire life can be
seen as a series of
abondonments. We learn
in the the play that he was
left by his father when he
was quite young . This left
him both financially and
spirtitually abandonded.
• At the same time, willy
loman’s affair with the
Women is betrayal
toward his wife. There
fore, this become
recurrent theme
throughout the play.
• Arthur miller has place
the natural and the
artificial world side by
side. On te one hand, willy
loman tries to find a good
career amid his failure as a
salesman. He is fires from
the company by its new
owner, Howard wagner.
This reflects the harsh
artificial world of urban
capitalism where a man
has no place if he is not
beneficial for the business.
1.Head of family
2.He is about 63 years old
3.He is travelling salesman as he travels to New
England each week
3.He has troubles in driving
4.He has two sons
5.He is a man of contradictions
6.He has many inner conflicts
1.He is the younger brother
2.He is a businessman in a lower level position
3.He knows he has a bad character as he dates
and sleeps a lot of women and drops them
5.He thinks that no one notices him
•1.Willy’s wife
•2.She is a very traditional wife as he has been
taking good care of his family especially her
•3.She seems to be a quite person but she is an
observer as she actually know what is going on
1.The older brother
2.The family had great hopes on him , they give
him all the attention as the thought he would be
a star in life
3.He has been jumping job to job
4.He also has many inner conflicts
• Loomans’
• Owns a
• Bernard,his
son,is a rich and
• Willy owes a lot
to Charley and
Charley is his
only best friend.
• Son of Charley
• Sees Biff as an
idol although
Biff always
mocks him for
studying very
• A rich and
• Willy’s rich
older brother
• Willy idolizes
Ben and takes
him as a symbol
of success for
himself and his
• Known as
Willy’s mistress
• The woman
catches his
attention and is
very intimate with
• Biff once
caught Willy
and the
woman and his
hatred grew
since then.