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Marshmallow Model- Compounds

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Marshmallow Model
1. Glue the periodic table into your notebook
2. Create the model you chose using toothpicks to represent chemical bonds and marshmallows to
represent atoms. Choose one color to represent each atom.
3. Now that your model is complete, decide if it is an elemental or molecular compound using the
hint on the board. Write one sentence justifying your answer.
4. Now that you know your compound is either an elemental or molecular compound, use the
Venn diagram we created Monday to name some other behaviors of your model. For example,
is your model soluble in water? Does it conduct electricity?
5. Based on your analysis of your model and considering your notes from Wednesday, would your
compound be considered a molecule? REMEMBER! Not all compounds are molecules—only the
ones that exhibit molecular behaviors.
6. Draw the atmosphere. Here are the components of the atmosphere from greatest to least :N2,
O2, Ar (a nobel gas), CO2. Label each compound/element you draw. Then label each one as a
diatomic (elemental) compound, covalent (molecular) molecule, or monatomic.