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Project Solid Mechanics 2 finale

SEMESTER 1 2020/2021
In this group assignment, students are required to solve an engineering related problem by
implementing appropriate techniques learned in this course.
The assignment must satisfy the requirements of:
a. Work in a group of 4 - 5 members.
b. List at least 5 real-world problems that able be solved/analyzed by implementing
techniques/methods learned in this course. Elaborate each of the problems.
c. Choose one (1) the problem listed as the subject of study.
d. Collect data that represent the problem chosen.
e. Conduct calculation based on the data for specific task. The calculation must be carried
out by hand and validated with simulation using any software or experiment works (build
you own model)
f. State any assumption made.
g. Interpret and discuss the results obtained.
h. Submit your final report for plagiarism checking and attach the result as appendix with the
final report. The final report with similarity >30% will be given zero mark.
i. Submit the report in softcopy and hardcopy before or by 3.00 pm on 30 May 2020. For late
submission, 50% from the total obtained marks will be deducted.
The group assignment contributes to 10% of the total coursework. The assessment will be
based on:
a. Final Report (please use the template given by this link
b. Peer Assessment
a. Final Report
PLO 11 Problem Analysis (100 marks – 1 0 %
Refer to Appendix for detailed marking rubric.