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Lighting Worksheet

Lesson 1 - Lighting Reference Sheet
1. Fresnel - Label the ​diagram​. (5 items)
2. PAR Can – Label the ​diagram​. (6 items)
3. Source Four Ellipsoidal - Label the ​diagram​. (10 items)
4. What are the three different types of connectors used to provide power to lighting fixtures?
(This question refers to the Kahoot assignment from 10/15/20...completion is a prerequisite)
________________________ _________________________ _________________________
5. What is a “​two-fer​?”
6. What does “LED” stand for?
7. What does “ERS” stand for?
8. What does “PAR” stand for?
9. What is the purpose of a “gel?”
10. What is the purpose of a “gobo?”