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White Belt Study Flash Cards v3

White Belt Study Flash Cards
Question 1
Six Sigma clearly focuses on measuring
the impact of an:
Answer 1
improvement project
Question 2
A Six Sigma “Yellow Belt” is typically a:
Answer 2
subject-matter expert (SME) in a
particular subject or area of the business
being reviewed.
Question 3
A ___________ works to understand
which business processes are not
performing as needed.
Answer 3
Green Belt
Question 4
______ has knowledge of Six Sigma
philosophies and principles and leads a
team during a Six Sigma project. They
must have both leadership and project
management skills to be successful.
Answer 4
Black Belt
Question 5
Every Six Sigma project will follow the
same process in a systematic and uniform
method known as:
Answer 5
Question 6
This first stage of DMAIC sets the context
within which the Six Sigma project is to be
Answer 6
Question 7
The second stage of DMAIC is where the
starting point metrics are recorded to
baseline the current performance level.
Answer 7
Question 8
The fourth phase of DMAIC focuses on
fully understanding the top causes
identified in the Analyze phase, with the
intent of either controlling or eliminating
those causes.
Answer 8
Question 9
At what stage of DMAIC is the problem
statement written?
(pg22 of study material)
Answer 9
Question 10
The core idea of this process is to
maximize customer value while
minimizing waste. It means creating more
value for customers with fewer resources.
Answer 10