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Rudolph Dreikurs- Theorist Presentation

Name: _______________________
Rudolf Dreikurs: Model of Social Discipline
-Rudolf Dreikurs was born in Vienna, __________, on February 8, 1897.
-He graduated from the medical school of the University of Vienna before
spending five years as an intern and resident in ___________.
-Rudolf Dreikurs was _________ _________ close colleague and student. Adler
had a huge impact on Dreikurs life.
-He saw the ________ as the first social setting in which education takes place,
with the school environment as an extension of the family.
Fundamentals of Dreikurs Social Discipline Model
Humans are ________ beings and their basic motivation is to belong.
All behavior has a _________.
Humans are decision-making organisms.
Humans only perceive _________ and this perception may be mistaken or
Dreikurs believed that "all _________ has a purpose."
Dreikurs suggested that human ______________ is the result of not having one's
basic need of belonging to, and contributing to, a social group. The child then
resorts to one of four mistaken goals: Attention, power, __________, and
avoidance of failure.
Ways to combat misbehavior according to Dreikurs
1. The first step is for teachers to identify the ____________ goal, noting their
own response to the misbehavior, and observe the student's reactions.
2. The teacher should confront the mistaken goal by providing an
____________ of it, together with a discussion of the faulty logic involved.
3. Withdraw a(n) ____________ figure. Also called “__________ Teaching.”
4. Encourage students who display inadequacy, by offering these students
encouragement and support for even __________ efforts.
Dreikurs described two types of consequences: __________ and natural.
In 1952, Dreikurs founded the Alfred Adler Institute, now called the Adler School
of Professional _______________, in Chicago.
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