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Cell Structures & Functions Vocabulary Quiz

Cell Structures & Functions
Vocabulary Quiz
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Match the following definitions with the correct term.
Write the letter on the line.
1. ______ the basic unit of structure and function in
living organisms.
A. Cell Wall
2. ______ site of photosynthesis in plant cells
B. Cell Membrane
3. ______ a group of tissues that perform a specific
function or group of functions
C. Mitochondria
D. Cytoplasm
4. ______ differentiated structure within a cell that
performs a specific function
5. ______ storage area for cells; water storage in
6. ______ gives structure to plant cells
7. ______ regulates what goes into and out of the cell
8. ______ all organisms are composed of one or more
9. ______ a group of organs that work together to
perform a specific function or group of functions
10. ______ converts energy from food into energy a
cell can use
11. ______ a group of cells in an organism that have
similar structure and function
12. ______ controls functions of cells and contains
genetic material
13. ______ fluid that surrounds the organelles
E. Chloroplast
F. Organ
G. Organelle
H. Tissue
I. Nucleus
J. Cell Theory
K. Organ System
L. Cell
M. Vacuole
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