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CBD Dropshipping Allows Business Owners To
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28 Sep. 2020
CBD Dropshipping Allows Business Owners To Survive
JustCBD’s new CBD dropshipping program has created a much-needed solution for traditional
retailers looking to step-up their online inventory.
JustCBD has developed a CBD dropshipping program aimed to help many struggling people,
investors, and retailers during the trying times of the COVID-19 culture. While a CBD dropshipping
business is great for those with the entrepreneurial spirit, JustCBD’s dropshipping program also
appeals to small traditional retailers who are doing more online shopping than ever
before. https://justcbdstore.com/justcbd-shopify-dropship-program/
JustCBD created the CBD dropshipping program to help these small business owners fill the
demands associated with online ordering as more customers are hesitant to go shop at traditional
stores. This new trend allows small retailers to meet marketplace demands and increase profit with
a low investment. JustCBD is a perfect match for small traditional retailers looking to have a
heavier online shopping footprint because the product line is vast and never synthetic. JustCBD
sells both human and pet products, as well as a Vegan line, as part of its dropshipping offerings.
“CBD sales are still on the rise. There are so many health and mental wellness benefits associated
with CBD that the demand is overwhelming. We are seeing mom and pop retailers not only looking
to fulfill this demand, but they are stating their walk-in business is low. Many of these retailers need
to either create or expand their online retail presence and then sell the right products to a ready
and waiting market”, said Elena Ognivtseva, a representative for JustCBD.
Dropshipping businesses continue to grow in popularity as the COVID-19 culture has led to more
online ordering of everything from groceries and clothing items to healthy home-delivered prepped
meals and CBD products. JustCBD’s dropshipping program is less than a hundred dollars a month
and it is easy to set-up. Retailers and entrepreneurs must have a Shopify account to start.
Members of the media are invited to request an interview and tutorial on how JustCBD’s
dropshipping program is helping provide a business opportunity in times of high unemployment and
financial uncertainty for entrepreneurs. The company can also speak on how its line of CBD
products, and its Vegan line, benefit the global community.
About: JustCBD believes Cannabidiol is Mother Nature’s secret miracle, offering endless physical
and mental health benefits. Established in 2017, JustCBD sells a wide array of CBD products, for
people and pets, with transparent labels, ensuring products are pure and never synthetic. JustCBD
is a proud member of the Florida Hemp Council 2020 and the company has been vetted by
Leafreport. The company offers a forward-thinking blog to educate consumers who are both new or
well-versed in the CBD market. Further information on JustCBD and its dropshipping program can
be accessed here:
Media contact: 833-468-7822 or help2justcbdstore.com
UK Office: +44 20 3129 0688
Corporate Office: 3151 Wiles Road. Suite 105. Coral Springs, Florida
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/justcbdstore0077/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/justcbd
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justcbd/
About Elena Ognivtseva: https://cbdlifemag.com/author/elena-ognivtseva/