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For me, this was one of the most successful presentation which I took part in. We were being put into
group based on the Belbin’s Team Roles test. My team consisted of five members. I was very pleased
with my group, we come from different countries, different personalities, together, we were a great
team. We did regular meeting where each member prepare their part and put it all in the powerpoint.
Google Drive was our hero!! At first, each of us was in charge of one brand from Inditex Group,
however, after following Rachel and Helen’s guidance, we decided to focus on only three brands – Zara,
Berska and Massimo Dutti. My part was to introduce the group and the presentation as well as research
and talk about the potential company that Inditex should acquire. Of course, disagreement was
unavoidable in our group. During the one of our meeting, we did have some difficulties deciding the
roles and the powerpoint, fortunately, we came to a decision in the end. I felt like it was such a short
period of time with a lot of research and amendment needed to be done. In the end, we did create an
amazing powerpoint and everyone were very happy and excited about it.
One the day of the presentation, we came very early to practise one last time before. We were the first
group to present, I was very nervous and I knew that everybody else were too. However, with Rachel
and Helen’s support, the presentation felt less painful at the time. We were so lucky that everybody
know their parts, there was no technical issue or sudden sickness. I think that we did a great job, even
though that we were one minute early from the expected finishing time, but we covered every
important elements in our presentation. Personally, I believe that it was a great presentation and
hopefully we will get a high mark for our efforts.