Career PowerPoint Outline Sheet

Career PowerPoint Outline Sheet
Use this outline to plan you PowerPoint presentation. This page will not be checked for a grade, but it
may be helpful while you are in the planning stage of your presentation.
Slide 1 – Introduction (define your career, tell why you chose it)
Slide 2 – What is involved in the work? (Education, training, experience)
Slide 3 – Where does the work take place?
Slide 4 - What are the working conditions?
Slide 5 – What is the size of the occupation?
Slide 6 – What type of training is needed to enter the field?
Slide 7 – What are the possibilities for moving to a higher position? (Salary)
Slide 8 – What can you expect to earn when you start? After 10 years?
Slide 9 – What are the future prospects of the job? Is the field growing?
Slide 10 – How do you use writing/ or speaking skills in this field?
Slide 11 - Conclusion