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Thesis Seminar Task One

Thesis Seminar Task One
1. Formulating a research topic is the first step in research proposals and developing it would entail the
researcher to go beyond simple ideas to relevant and timely content. Current conditions are best grounds
in creating a topic of interest for a research paper. Because it mirrors the pertinent of the study.
Appropriate ideas for this new normal in education can be about Online or Modular adjustments, Study
habits and time management skills in the new normal, parent and teacher’s guidance into self-paced
learning and more. These experiences are just some of the rich sources of ideas that could be used in
2. I intend to take a qualitative research writing which is non-experimental in nature. While I am still
collecting background information about my topic of interest, tentatively I can say that it can be a
correlational study. I think this choice would be fitted on the new normal as to gathering of data and
manipulating variables would be a challenge for researchers. However, the final say to what kind of
research writing will I have is still on question for gathering of data is still a crucial part of developing a
research title.
3. As a Senior High School Teacher adjusting in this pandemic, it is a big help to conduct researches for
improvement as to these will be used to describe experiences of students and teachers, in addition assess
and evaluate practices and procedures in this distance mode of learning. Through researches, the
institution and I will be able to learn deeper the aspects of teaching and learning for the betterment of
the service.