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What to look in the Best Mammography Monitor

What to look in the Best Mammography Monitor?
A medical monitor is the most important part of equipment in digital breast imaging. It
can be called as the eyes of the radiologist. Depending on what he or she sees on the
monitor, a suitable decision is taken and inferences are drawn. Thus, it is important to
invest in this equipment after checking its features and specifications.
Some of the most critical display factors that must be kept in the mind areDisplay and Acquisition
Before buying the best monitor, it is important to understand the intricacies of medical
imaging. A machine is needed to get a digital breast image. This machine captures the
breast image. These machines are referred to as the imaging or acquisition systems.
These create images using a specific resolution and are available in different forms and
shapes. It is important to know about these systems as the resolution of both the
acquisition system and the display must match with each other as closely as possible. It
is the only way available for the expert radiologists to identify and detect every image
detail on the monitor.
Fewer clicks
The resolution factor in mammography monitor is one of the key factors that help in
the correct interpretation and representation of mammograms. More is the display
resolution, more are going to be its benefits. To begin with, the radiologists will be able
to see a lot of details with greater clarity. Moreover, greater resolution helps the
radiologists with the flow of their work. Radiologists have a look at the breast images in
mammography imaging in full size. Thus, more is the vertical resolution, it becomes
easier to for the image of the whole breast on the screen. In a regular frameless
monitor, the radiologist has to go with four steps to view every part of the breast image
at 1:1. Conversely, with a monitor with higher resolution, only two steps are needed to
study and view the same image.
Considering these issues, a suitable monitor must be considered.
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