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Terms & Conditions
Initial Stage
Any quotations sent has to be confirmed within 7 days and agreed with the terms and conditions
All quotations are only valid till 7 days and any quotation left behind without any update or
confirmation will be ignored.
To serve all MOOVE's clients with better quality products; only a limited number of projects will
be accepted per month on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, if you don't wish to continue
with our quotation please keep us informed at your earliest.
Timing estimates are made assuming that the client will respond to all Email correspondence
50% of the estimated cost has to be paid at the confirmation to begin development work, and
the rest has to be paid on completion of the project before site is launched to live domain.
(This money is non-refundable once it is paid)
As soon as the quotation is approved arrangements will be made for face to face discussions for
information gathering.
During the discussion we will be making suggestions on the framework and theme which should
be selected and approved by the client then and there.
Once the client has already decided and approved the framework and the theme, for any
changes for the framework or theme the client must pay an additional 25% of the designing
charges mentioned in the quotation.
Every discussion and conversation taken place will be recorded as a proof to be provided in case
of any issues.
Graphic files and other content to be provided
All necessary logos to be included in the client’s site should be provided by the client in a high
resolution editable format.
‘MOOVE Team’ is not responsible for any graphic files and any other content.
All edited Graphic files and other content to be included in the site can be provided by the client
or we are happy to do the editing parts as well if you wish. (Fees may apply)
If you wish to provide ‘MOOVE’ the responsibility of graphic files and other content, we are
happy to provide you with the estimations on the relevant costs respectively.
All relevant files and contents should be provided within 2 weeks from the quotation
confirmation date.
Terms & Conditions
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Photo Shoot (If necessary)
If client wish to proceed with a photo shoot from ‘MOOVE’, food and travelling will have to be
provided or the amount relevant will have to be paid.
Number of days as well as the amount required will depend due to the days of the photoshoot
as the size of the company varies.
Mentioned in condition No:16 all will be decided by us.
Content Writing (If necessary)
If content writing is not taken from us we will not be taking any responsibility about them.
Once the framework and theme is selected by the client we expect all details relevant to content
writing to be provided within 1-2 weeks, for the site to be delivered on time as all content need
to be analyzed.
Check ‘Price List’ for minimum charges on content writing, charges may vary depending on the
company length and complexity of the site and content.
If content writing is done by ‘MOOVE team’ the client must provide us a representative of the
company for regular contacts who can provide us relevant details for analysis, on a full time base
involvement until the completion of the site.
Length of the content for the site depends accordingly with the size of the site selected by the
client, and charges will be decided by ‘MOOVE Team’.
Depending on the support of the client's company representative on providing information
starting date of development may vary.
Design Work.
For all logo designing carried out the client is provided with a copy of the original logo file on any
format they wish.
All types of designing work for social media purpose and web development purposes will be
done at a separate charge.
Terms & Conditions
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During Development
Once development (The final stage) work has begun any cancellation will have to be paid with a
15% of the total project cost other than the 50% of initial payment.
Maximum time taken to complete the project may vary for different types of websites
depending on various factors such as number of pages, length of content to be edited and
included, if graphic files are not provided by the client etc.
(Details about duration will be provided in the initial stage)
A working sketch of the site can be shown within 2 - 3 weeks if any changes or modifications
need to be done before starting to add the content gathered in the initial stage.
All sites are tested using standard testing methods and with highly responsive devices.
(Desktop, iPad, Mobile)
Domain name registration and hosting
Domain name and hosting payments for the following year must be paid 15 days prior to the
original registration date. 15 days are provided for the client as a grace period since payments
has to be made on time before they could be automatically suspended.
Minimum domain registration period is 1 year. If you wish you can expand up to 5 years which is
easier as you do not have the risk of renewing annually.
All international domain registrations are done under ‘MOOVE Team’.
Transferring of domain names from a third party to ‘MOOVE Team’, from ‘MOOVE Team’ to a
third party will apply a charge of $25.
(All prices are subject to changes and the provided prices are of the current availability)
The ownership of the domain name will only be provided if and only if the domain name is “.lk”
For third party hosting all relevant information should be provided by the third party.
We provide the bandwidth according to the usage of our client.
The maximum size of the client’s bandwidth is mentioned in the hosting package.
Email Accounts
Client can create unlimited e-mail accounts.
Storage sizes of e-mail accounts depends on the size of the hosting package which client selects.
Terms & Conditions
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Final Payments
Once the site is completed and if client refuse to make payments due to any unrealistic fault or
which is not a responsibility of ‘MOOVE Team’, this document provides clear proof of agreement
to all terms and conditions by the client and legal actions to be taken against the client in such
The client will be provided with an invoice for each payments made.
After Launch
We are not responsible for any low functionality of the website due to traffic or poor connection
Any technical or structural issues within the areas we have corporate will be handled regardless
of time.
(Fees might be applied depending on the criticality of the situation)
The final outcome of the working site cannot be sold or outsourced to a third party, for
commercial benefits by the original owner of the site during it is under our maintenance
(Check ‘Termination of the Agreement’)
Terms & Conditions
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Annual charges are taken only for the technical maintenance of the appearance of the website.
Updating new and extra content to the site costs an hourly rate depending on the amount of
contents added.
(Please check main quotation for details on costing for additional content)
Social media maintenance does not involve any designing work; only other maintenance work
will be carried out.
We will not be carrying out any extra updating work without an e-mail from the client saying to
do so.
Any update or changes to the site will only be carried out if the client requests with the same
Email address provided to us during the registration.
(Due Security purpose of the site)
In case if the client needs to change the Email address given during the registration a prior
notice should be provided to us with proof.
We update social media due to the contents which client provides us.
All maintenance will only be carried out during office hours.
(Monday to Friday 08.00 – 17.00 / Saturday 08.00 – 12.00) we are not available on Poya days
and Public holidays.
If the payments of the renewal charges not paid on time the website will be automatically
Termination of the Agreement
The client to do any of the activities mentioned in condition No: 45 he/she has to pay 30% of the
total value of the overall website and provide ‘MOOVE’ a letter saying that he/she needs to
terminate the agreement made in combination with the site.
Client is having the complete rights to terminate the website agreement with ‘MOOVE’ and
provide for a third party for maintenance once a payment of 35% of the total development cost
is paid to ‘MOOVE’.
Termination will only be done once and if the original owner of the site provides us a letter on
the company letter head demanding to do so.
After the action in term No:54 is taken if the client wishes to bring the site back to us the client is
entitled to pay 35% of the total development cost to ‘MOOVE’ plus the total annual
maintenance fee of the following year initially.
After the termination of the agreement due to any reason if the domain name was cancelled
when the client returns ‘MOOVE’ will not take any responsibility of the domain name perhaps
the client will have to obtain a new domain name.
Terms & Conditions
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