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CAS Advisors Checklist (Advisor Presentation)

I am a…
CAS Advisor
February , 2017
 This
presentation is a guide for
CAS advisors who are reviewing CAS portfolios on
Helping students find CAS experiences
Encouraging students to embrace their life outside
academics through creativity, active life and
CAS advisors who need a beginning “checklist”
and an approach to handling CAS advising
When is it OKAY to…
Mark activities as approved?
Mark activities as complete?
Students Initiating an
Review target setting document completed at the
beginning of the year.
Verbally discuss general ideas with students. Ask
questions to ensure the experience is geared
towards CAS – CAS strands, learning outcomes,
goals, CAS stages etc.
Always inform the CAS Coordinator about new
and possible CAS experiences. Always discuss with
the CAS team as we can help each other
brainstorm 
Reviewing Activities
The process is official when a student creates a new
experience/project in Managebac.
 CAS advisor receives email or logs into Managebac and
sees that a new experience has been entered.
CAS Experience Checklist
Is this a single experience, series of experience or a project? * Projects must involve
collaboration, include CAS stages and be at least 1 month. Proposals submitted for all experiences
that are not CCAs.
What is the approach? 1.Ongoing (remove the tag manually when the experience is
over) 2. School-based 2. Community-based 2. Individual
What are the dates (start and end)? Are they reasonable and realistic? The number of
hours are not calculated for CAS but for references purposes students enter them.
Is there at least one paragraph for description and goals for the experience?
No obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.
Includes a schedule of timings and location
Are the learning outcomes achievable and realistic and pertain to the experience?
Students have to show evidence of achieving the learning outcomes?
CAS Supervisors:
Should be supervised by a mentor but can be self-supervised
Use of parents/family members to supervise is not allowed
External supervisors: Letter, consent form, evaluation form.
Internal supervisors: CAS supervisor Package
Before approving the experience on
- After clicking on the experience title, click “Edit CAS Experience” to view this page
- After approving the experience, students cannot access this section
- Advisors can edit the section. If you change anything, leave a note to let the students know.
- Advisors can help fix minor errors but don’t change too much.
CAS No No’s
The following are absolutely not allowed:
No Paid work.
No Fund-raising (*approved only for select
No Religious proselytizing.
Work done by a religious group in the wider community, provided that
the objectives are clearly secular, may qualify as CAS. Ex: Working in a
church to run a food bank.
No required course work for an IB course
allowed (double dipping)
Ex: G4 projects, class projects, Internal Assessment research etc.
Students can be inspired by their IB coursework for CAS.
Experience Review Checklist
A good experience
• Time period and level of
engagement are
• Appropriate CAS strands
• Clear goals, description,
• Supervisor has appropriate
• Proof of achieving learning
outcomes through reflection
and evidence.
• Regular evidence in various
forms (photos, videos etc.
• Deep and higher order
• Evidence of consistent
involvement, ideally weekly.
A bad experience
Unrealistic time frame
Hours excessive for time period.
Doesn’t fit a CAS strand
No clear goals, description,
Shallow description with spelling
errors. No time schedule
Family member as supervisor.
Too many learning outcomes
that cannot be achieved.
Not enough evidence
No reflections
No evidence of regular
Experience Review Checklist
good experience/project:
Completion Checklist
Ask students to notify you when they complete an experience.
Completed experiences should have:
At least three reflections of at least one paragraph.
Encourage students to reflect throughout –beginning
middle and end at the most.
Should address learning outcomes.
Accept minimal spelling and grammar.
Evidence entered in Managebac (e.g. photos).
Supervisor review/ supervisor evaluation form.
*If students fulfill the above requirements, they will be on-track.
A little more
Be the best advisor you can be…
CAS Demonstration stage
 Make
note of notable CAS experiences to
present during assembly or display in OIS.
 Encourage students to reflect in creative
ways – videos, pamphlets,
magazine reviews etc…
 Inspire
students to be proud of
their portfolios to share with
Finding Experiences and
Supervisors for students
 Students
need our help to find
opportunities for CAS.
 Keep your ears and eyes open for CAS
 Ask teachers if they want to get involved
in CAS to mentor and supervise students.
 Help students initiate Projects by finding
good mentors.