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Module 1 study guide

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U.S History
● What was the compromise of 1877? ​settled the presidential election. the
reconstruction era in the south ended and in return hayes got the white house
● What are Jim Crow Laws? Why did they become law? How did they impact
America? ​They​ ​legalized segregation. state legislators made them law. they
impacted America by causing unrest b/w races and racial segregation.
● How did some lawmakers attempt to disenfranchise African Americans?
● Who is Pap Singleton (Exodusters)? ​they could take away their rights to vote
● What is the homestead act?​ It is a law that was made in 1862 that gave 160
acres of land to citizens willing to live on and cultivate it for five years
● Describe the impact of Plessy v. Ferguson? ​The impact of Plessy v. Ferguson
was about the "separate ​but equal" doctrine supreme court upheld the
constitutionality of jim crow laws
● How did the transcontinental railroad impact settlement in the West? ​They
provided a better way of transportation
● How did the federal government respond to conflict with Native
Americans?​they forced all the native americans out and their journey became
known as the trail of tears
● What is the Dawes Act and what did it do?​ It split of the native americans
tribe lands
● For each of the following people, understand the contributions they made to
America and Society:
○ Alexander Graham​ Bell He invented the telephone
○ John D. Rockefeller ​he Established the Standard Oil Company, the
greatest, wisest, and meanest monopoly known in histor​y
○ Henry Bessemer ​He was an Englishman who came up with the first
efficient method for the mass production of steel
○ Nikola Tesla ​He created the first electric engine
○ Andrew Carnegie ​he Built a steel mill empire and donated all of his
money to a charity
○ Cornelius Vanderbilt​ ​he was a ​self-made multi-millionaire who
became one of the wealthiest Americans of the 19th century
○ Thomas Edison ​he invented the light bulb and the phonograph
○ Madam C.J. Walker She was the first ever self made millionaire
● Be able to locate the following on a map: Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, San
Francisco, and New York City. ​Boston is next to rhode island top right of map
Pittsburgh is under new york chicago is in illinois San Francisco is in
California close to the middle left New york is on top of pittsburgh
● How did industrialization influence the movement of people from rural to
urban areas? ​The way that the industrialization influenced the movement of
people from rural to urban areas is a high demand for labor which led to the
promise of jobs
● Who was Boss Tweed? What did he do?​ Boss Tweed was someone who
took $200 million from the state treasury wrongfully
● Who was Tomas Nast? How did he help to expose corruption?​ Thomas Nast
was a cartoonist who made political cartoons and exposed corruption through
his cartoons
● Who was Jacob Riis? How did he help to expose corruption? ​He was a
photographer and exposed corruption through his photography
● What is a muckraker? ​Someone who looks for dirt basically anything bad on
● What is credit mobilier? What effect did it have? ​A credit mobilier was a joint
stock company that was organized in 1863 and ended up being reorganized
in 1867 to build the union railroad that ended up being involved in a scandal
in 1872.
● What is the spoils system? ​It is when someone wins a political election, the
people that helped the person win gets jobs and other perks
● Why was President Garfield assassinated? What effect did it have? ​Garfield
got assassinated because of revenge for an imaginary political debt. started
the pendleton civil service reform act.
● What is the Pendleton Civil Service Act? What effect did it have? ​The
pendleton civil service act is a commission to oversee competitive
examinations for government positions
● What is the interstate commerce act? What impact did it have? ​The interstate
commerce act is "regulated commerce with foreign nations and among the
several states to regulating railroad rates"
● What is the difference between new and old immigrants? ​The difference
between new and old immigrants is old immigrants came over with their
families and moved out west to start farming and the new immigrants coming
over and they had no families and they wanted to work to get money to also
bring their families here came over with families, protestant, and moved out
west to farm.
● Where is Angel Island? What is it? ​San Francisco bay. And it wa s used as
the chief immigration station
● What is Ellis Island? Why is it significant? ​busiest immigrant inspection station
● What is nativism? What impact can it have? ​Nativism is protecting native-born
residents over immigrants
● What are ethnic clusters? ​Ethnic clusters are when other Immigrants usually
live in different places within cities such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Lower East
Side, and Harlem in New York.
● What is the Chinese Exclusion Act? ​1882 law that barred Chinese laborers
from entering the United States
● What is the Gentleman's Agreement? ​The gentleman's agreement is what the
Japanese promised not to issue passports to laborers seeking to come to the
US, in return for no Japanese segregation in the US.
● Who is Jane Addams? What did she do? ​Jane Adams tried to improve the
living and working conditions of immigrants. She also fought for women's