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Long Form 2

Long Form 2
• THEME: Advancing and Blocking then/with combination counters (Sophisticated Basics)
• Combination counters up until the downward block sequence finishes
• Completion of the X pattern in front of the initial starting line established by the horse
• Reusing idea of triples. 3 times
o Eye pokes
o Back knuckles
o Push down block sequence
• Category completion
o In long 1, block then punch
o In long 2, punch then block
• Twist stances stepping into a neutral bow
o Both forward and backward
• Reuse the new 3 blocks from the e nd of Long 1
o Reuse idea of Long 1 with these 3 blocks
■ Retreat with the two inside downward blocks then a single counter
• Horse stance again to foreshadow what is next for the Forms
o Main weapon of Short 3 is elbows
• The first kick in the forms
• Close kneel introduced
• Outward downward block stepping down the circle vs Inside downward block palm down
stepping up the circle