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Continental Drift Writing Prompt

Continental Drift Letter
Imagine the year is 1912 and you are Alfred Wegener. You are trying to convince the
scientific world of your findings… but no one believes you! You have decided to write a
letter to your fellow scientists in order to convince them of your theory.
R- Alfred Wegener
A- Fellow scientists
F- Letter (3 Paragraphs)
T- 1920's
Your letter will need to be 3 paragraphs which will include the following parts:
My fellow Scientists,
1. Introduce your theory
● State Alfred Wegener’s Theory by explaining what made him think the
continents move
2. Prove your theory
● List at least ​3 types of evidence​ for the theory and explain the evidence
Begin your letter with a formal introduction (my fellow scientists or similar)
● Use the following vocabulary terms: Pangaea, Continental Drift, Fossil
Record, Rock Layers
● Include evidence to support the theory
3. Ask for support and restate theory
● Conclude your letter by restating your theory, your evidence for it, and
asking you fellow scientists to accept and support your theory.
Alfred Wegener