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Teaching English Online Rewards

Teaching English Online
Pre-made templates to use with your
students in your online classroom.
Hello Teacher,
Within this pack, there are 4 different reward
systems you can use with your students.
Each reward has a different theme. Ensure
for best effect, to print and laminate your
rewards. You can then use blutac or velcro
over the top and they can be used again
and again.
Please do not try to sell or share them. They
are for your personal use only. If your
teaching friends wish to use these rewards,
please ask them to visit and subscribe to
gain them for free.
Thank you very much!
What's Included:
Space Theme
Space background
Images to create a space scene
Space Race to be used with the aliens
and rockets.
Ice Cream
Build an ice cream adding the scoops
onto the cone.
Add spots to the ladybird.
Flower Garden
Complete the picture adding the
flowers and butterfly
Race Track
Race Track background
Car and trophy images for your race
Coloured track
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