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socio emotional learning

Teachers need to implement activities that give students choices in the
classroom which help them, in essence, to feel like their ideas matter,
like they belong, and that they can make a difference in the world
around them.
Serious consideration must be given to text selection so that students
can be well serve. Students should be able to access text through
gender, cultural, and economic identity. Text should have
transformative power that inches students closer to a broader humanity.
When teachers give students meaningful tasks that mirror real world
practices in the classroom, they are promoting socio emotional learning
in that students have a greater sense of value and worth and develop a
social perspective on how their contribution in the classroom lends to a
greater good of those around in them.
Students should have access to books that are in their home language as
well as encourage them to think deeply about issues and allow them to
communicate their enthusiasm for reading.