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List of Donor parts for EFI Conversion

List of Donor parts for EFI Conversion:
Should you have a donor car that you are going to get your parts from or are getting
your parts from a wrecking yard, the following list is some of the parts that you will need
for you EFI conversion:
Engine assembly
Bell housing, if manual transmission
Intake manifold assembly…
Fuel rail
Fuel rail adapters, metal tubes that go down by oil pan
Throttle body
TP sensor
Air bypass valve
ECT sensor
ACT sensor
EGR spacer
EGR valve & sensor
Heater hose tube
Air intake hose
Mass air flow sensor
Barometric pressure sensor
Oxygen sensors
EGR valve solenoid
Computer (PCM)
Accelerator pedal
Accelerator cable
Inertia switch & connector
TFI distributor
Ignition coil
Fuel filter bracket
Starter solenoid
Valve covers
If you consider running the serpentine belt system, you will need all of the accessories,
air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, alternator and maybe the smog
pump and their brackets. You will also need the water pump and its pulley. Don’t forget
that the late model Mustangs run a reverse rotation water pump.