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Copy of observations and inferences class practice

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Observations vs. Inferences and Quantitative vs. Qualitative Observations
Look at the picture below and read each of the following statements about the picture to decide if they are
Observations or Inferences.
The giant squid weighs 275 kilograms.
The giant squid likes to eat humans.
The giant squid has more than one tentacle
The giant squid swims fast because it has
long tentacles.
Differentiate between each of the statements as either OBSERVATIONS or INFERENCES.
The bottle of soda “hisses” when I take off the cap. ________________
The “hissing” sound occurs because gas is escaping.________________
The banana is rotting because it is old. _______________________
The banana has brown spots._________________________
The water in the graduated cylinder is pink. ___________________
10. The pink dishwashing soap dissolved in the water. _______________
Qualitative v Quantitative
Part 2:
. Read the following observations
about the picture below and decide if they are Qualitative Observations or Quantitative Observations.
Write down your answer below the statement.
11. The male platypus weighs an average of 2.0kg.
12. The platypus has “ankle spurs” that produce
enough poison to kill a small dog, but not a human.
Qualitative observation
13. The platypus has two eyes, four limbs, one tail
and one beak.
14. The platypus is endothermic, maintaining a body
temperature of about 32 °C (90 °F).
Please classify the following statements as Qualitative Observations or Quantitative Observations.
15. Sandra added 4 drops of vinegar to the baking soda. ______________________
16. The liquid in the graduated cylinder was thick and yellow and smelled putrid.
17. The leaves on the maple tree were brown and fragile at the end of October.
18. The planet Uranus is extremely cold on its surface. _____________________
19. There are twelve marshmallows left in the bag. ________________________
20. Jessica’s sunburned arms are bright red and starting to blister. _________________________
Part 3: Enrichment
(What is a possible explanation or
1. Marie is not in school today.
2. Marie had a runny nose yesterday.
3. Marie’s little brother Tony had the
flu last week.
1. Nick did not do as well on the test
as he usually does.
2. Nick is a huge Patriots football fan.
3. The Patriots had their first regular
season game last night.
4. Nick keeps yawning in class and
(What is a possible explanation or
resting his head on the desk.