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Working in a Laboratory
Lesson 1 : Safety in the Lab
Today we are learning to recognise
hazards in a laboratory.
We need rules around school … why?
Health and Safety
Do NOT enter the lab without a member of staff
Labs are
places, and to
go into a lab
supervision is a
Put bags and coats out of the way
Never put anything into your mouth
Eating in the lab is
not allowed, for
Health + Safety
reasons. Save your
sweets, drinks and
crisps, for break
Do not run or fool around
Follow instructions carefully
OK, we won’t be
entering you for
the Obedience Cup
at the next dog
show, but if dogs
can follow “human”
instructions, so can
Wear eye protection
Goggles protect your
EYES! You MUST wear
them whenever you are
told to do so, or you
will not be allowed to
continue your practical
… and you may be
removed from the Lab
Tie back long hair
Chemicals and
Bunsen flames can
damage your hair.
Make sure that
long hair is
fastened back and
cannot be put at
Heat things carefully, standing up – stools
under desks
If there is an accident, tell your
teacher immediately
However trivial
something seems,
if an accident has
happened, let your
teacher know, even
if nobody appears
to be hurt.
Let apparatus cool down before you
tidy up
Enjoy Science!