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Properties of Matter Review Sheet

Properties of Matter Review Sheet
1. Define Matter
2. Define physical property
3. Define chemical property
4. Which of the two is used to separate mixtures. Why?
5. Define physical change
6. Define chemical change
7. Classify each as either a chemical or physical change
 Glass breaking
 Bleaching your hair
 Cutting your hair
 Burning leaves
8. What is the formula for calculating density?
9. Find the density of the following objects
Substance A
Mass = 20 g
Volume = 10 mL
Substance B
Mass = 40 g
Volume = 10 mL
Substance C
Mass = 10 g
Volume = 20 mL
10. What is the density of water?
11. Which of these substances would sink and which would float?
12. What is melting point
13. What is boiling point
14. What are the three states of matter?
15. Is a change of state of matter a physical or chemical one? Why?