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Interesting Facts About Stone Buddha Statues You Never Knew

Interesting Facts About
Stone Buddha Statues You
Never Knew
When Venus figurines began appearing across Europe, than earliest
stone sculpture ever produced. A sculpture is a one type of object
which is made from stone by giving proper shape, carving or
assembled. Techniques of stone carving include where rough natural
stone pieces are shaped nicely by removal of stone. A stone is not too
difficult to obtain and carve and it comes up with a wide varieties in
terms of quality, color, hardness.
Buddha stone statues represent different
things and you have to know about them
before purchasing. Statues are available
in different size, shape , styles, color and
gemstone varieties. Buddha statue is also
available in different pose such as a
sitting Buddha and standing Buddha,
laughing Buddha and sleeping Buddha.
There is every position has a some
important thing behind that.
Buddha's this sitting position has a some
deeper meaning than only sitting. It indicates
deeper inner and outer balance of body or
mind. It is common to place this seated
Buddha statue on top of a lotus flower; of
Which represents one's knowledge or
emptiness. The most common posture for
your Buddha is to cross his legs, bend his left
arm and sit in the right position. Hands on
right knee. Fingers on Buddha statues often
point to the earth. This is Represents the
wisdom of the Buddha and shows the
Buddha touching the earth.
Statues of Buddha in standing position
also suggest a lot. One of them is seen
with the bowl of rice on one side while
the other hand is holding the palm and
holding it. This statue is a symbol of
blessing for the followers of Buddha.
Some others in standing positions
include Dipankar Buddha, Heruka,
Vajrakila etc.
We have a huge collections of Buddha Statues available
carved in different types of gemstones such as Rose
Quartz, Green Quartz, Howlite Buddha, Picasso Jasper,
Dark Green Aventurine etc. Let's see some of beautiful
stone statue of them.
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