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Hand it over

“Hand it over. That thing, your dark soul...for my lady’s painting.”
Hand it over...that thing...your dark soul...for my lady’s painting.
After Heihachi’s supreme victory with John ‘Ahab Ismael’ Bodida,
Kelevan and Lars become prisoners in the regime of the Sith. Ryu,
and the rebels have now located to Gorilla World, however Big Boss
knows their circumstances and battles conflictions between his
loving figures – Heihachi and Brian. Kelevan, with his split
personality, starts to dominate Karate, and secures the Empire with
hunting the survivors and launches an assault on Gorilla World. When
Kelevan arrive on Gorilla World, he disguises himself as Karate. He
avoids war, and leads the rebels to ‘The Painted World of Marianne’
much like the fairy illusion he casted before. He then, returns to
Heihachi and announces he murdered every last rebel except Jin.
Meanwhile, Jin plots to rescue Lars, as the rebels flee to a
different dimension. Kelevan plots to destroy the planets and
universe, in a devastating attack. Big Boss grows suspicions on
Kelevan’s charismatic rise. Kelevan, rouses a plot to kill Heihachi
and usurp the empire by own the painting and planet Earth for his
Elves. The rebels learn of a truth. That one who is of blood to
Kelevan/Karate, must sacrifice himself to escape the painting. He
must travel to the first light. Ryu decides he is the one to do it.
He soon learns that in order for the sacrifice to be conducted, his
sword must me covered in abyss. This is only achieved by killing.
The more he kills, the darker the sword will glow eventually
transforming. Ryu does not know that the sword transforming
eventually will transform him into a corrupt being. Therefore, he
sends Goten into the future, to one day find him at the end of time.
Goten will kill Ryu and usurp the painting, and free the rebels in
the past. Goten will then have to take the corrupted blade and
travel to the present to usurp the present painting and free the