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Vibes Lighting

Vibes Lighting
We offer Smart Lighting with endless color possibilities at a low price. These lighting will
consistently come in more luminous, vivid, and colorful than any other competitor, at half the
The SmartStrip™ is easily the focal point of any room. Featuring 30 LEDs per meter, this strip
is sure to brighten up and bring to life any space. Sitting at either 5 meters (16 ft.) or 10 meters
(32 ft.) depending on your desired option, the SmartStrip™ can also be adjusted and cut down
along the provided perforations should you want to only use it for accent lighting.
We came up with Stylish Dorm Room Light Ideas. Featuring an included 24-key or 44-key
remote, the SmartStrip™ holds endless customization options with an array of colors and
effects such as strobe, fade, and flash.
Choose the App Control option to be able to pair your strip with our in-box app and unlock a
world of customization via your smartphone. Dorm LED Light is first used in Clubs and Bars for
lighting, but now you can use it in your houses and offices. This including pairing with Amazon
Alexa/Google Assistant for voice control, syncing to music, setting lighting schedules, grouping
multiple SmartStrip™ kits together, creating virtually any color with the app's color wheel, and
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