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How to Frame a Canvas Paintings or Prints

Canvas is one of the best decorative items
to make your home or workplace amazing.
Learn How to set canvas frames in simple
steps. With this guide, you can easily frame
your canvas Paintings and Prints. There are
two ways to frame your canvas; you can
make a frame with yourself, which is a timeconsuming process if you want to DIY you
can do it. Either you can also buy am
amazing Canvas Frames for your painting or
print, trinity media provides an artistic range
of wooden, acrylic and so on. Here we
share simple 8 steps to framing your Canvas
Picture Prints or Paintings.
Step1: Measure Your Canvas: It is necessary
to measure your canvas before purchasing
or start to build because it is the step that
ensures that the canvas fit properly on your
frame. You can measure the width, length
and depth of canvas with measuring tape.
Step2: Choose A Frame: Choose a frame is a
very important step to enhance the artwork
on canvas. Wooden frames a traditional
option for most of the art lover. But we
suggest choosing that contrast the image
and looks a little different from the picture.
Step 3: Purchase Canvas Clips: If you’re
framing a canvas there are options and
both are depending on your frames which
are canvas clips or flat braces and screws.
Generally, Canvas Clips is the best option for
Step 4: Insert The Canvas Into The Frame
And Attach The Clips: Just lay the frame with
upside-down carefully without scratching it.
Carefully set the canvas inside the frame
and secure with canvas clips or the flat
braces and screws.
Step 5: Attach A Hanging Wire: With flipped
framing canvas, mark the two points at the
top side of the frame where you want the
hanging wire. And affix the two screws on
marks and tie wire on both screws.
Step 6: Attach A Dust Cover: Attaching a
Dust cover is also an important step of
framing a canvas. You can cut a piece of
kraft paper that is a little bit big compare to
frame size. Using the double-sided tape,
secure the artwork.