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F13Syllabus - MATH 265 ISU

Math 265: Calculus III (Calculus of Several Variables)
Fall 2013 Course Syllabus
Steve Butler
Office: 400C Carver Hall
Office hours: Mon: 8:30am­9:50am; Tue: 8:00am­8:50am; Fri: 11:00am­11:50am
email: butler@iastate.edu
101 Carver Hall; MWF 10:00am­10:50am
With the honorable Kacy Messerschmidt:
C1: 184 Carver Hall; T 9:00am­9:50am
D1: 184 Carver Hall; T 10:00am­10:50am
E1: 128 Carver Hall; T 11:00am­11:50am
With the honorable Steven Osborne:
C2: 202 Carver Hall; T 9:00am­9:50am
D2: 274 Carver Hall; T 10:00am­10:50am
E2: 118 Carver Hall; T 11:00am­11:50am
Homework will be done online with MyMathLab in which you will automatically be enrolled (if everything is
working properly!).
There will be fourteen homework assignments. Homework assignments will be due on Fridays before
midnight beginning the second week. Homework problems may be attempted as often as desired and the
six lowest homework scores will be dropped.
Students should first attempt to complete the homework by themselves before seeking outside help, such
as other students and the professor. There is however no penalty for students working together.
Fourteen quizzes will be given in sections on Tuesdays as per the course calendar; the quiz will be at the
end of the section and students will have 15 minutes to finish the quiz. Each quiz will consist of two
questions coming directly from the quiz bank. The two lowest quiz scores will be dropped. Requests for
makeup quizzes can be made prior to the date that the quiz will occur; any requests after the quiz has
occurred will be turned away.
Calculus, 9th Edition, by Dale Varberg, Edwin Purcell and Steve Rigdon (ISBN: 0131429248 or
9780131429246). We will cover all of the sections from chapters 11­14 this semester. More precise
information about which material will be covered when is available in the course calendar.
Only "low­level" calculators may be used for quizzes and/or midterms. In particular graphing calculators,
calculators in smart­phones, etc. are not allowed. Please note that all quiz and midterm questions can be
done without the aid of a calculator. For the departmental final a calculator is allowed as long as it is also not
a communication device.
The objective of this course is to master the materials in chapters 11­14 in the book. A specific list of
objectives can be found in the departmental syllabus for the course. In particular, the final exam will test on
some subset of these objectives.
There will be four in­class midterm exams and a final exam for the course. The first midterm will cover the
material from chapter 11; the second will cover chapter 12; the third will cover chapter 13; the fourth will
cover chapter 14; and the final will be comprehensive. (For the date of the exams consult the course
calendar.) The lowest midterm score will be dropped.
The exams are closed books and closed notes.
Exams must be taken during the scheduled times. There will be NO makeup exams with the exception of
medical emergencies or university approved absences.
The final is for all sections of Math 265. Sample final exams are available online.
Modulo passing the final exam, the course grade will be determined by the cumulative percentage of scores
at the end of the quarter. This is calculated by weighting the grades in the following manner:
45% ­­ scores on the best three midterms
30% ­­ final
18% ­­ quizzes
6% ­­ homework
1% ­­ visiting w/ Prof. Butler
An overall score of 90% or better guarantees at least an A­; 80% or better guarantees at least a B­; 70% or
better guarantees at least a C­. These thresholds might be adjusted down at the end of the semester.
Any issues about grading for the exams and quizzes must be addressed within two weeks of the test date.
After that time no score changes will be allowed. Any midterm exam and quiz that has not been picked up
by December 13 (the last day of instruction) will be reentered as 0 for calculating the final grade.
Supplemental Instruction (SI) will be available for this course. This is one option to develop learning and is
not meant to replace attending class, reading the book, or other course assignments. Information about the
SI available for our course is available online: http://apps.dso.iastate.edu/si/course.php?id=675
Please address any special needs or special accommodations with Professor Butler at the beginning of the
semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accommodations based on
disabilities should obtain a Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) form from the Disability
Resources (DR) office (515­294­6624). DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building,
Room 1076.
Cheating is stupid and a serious offense. Students caught cheating will be reported. It is an annoyance for
the professor and terrible for you. Do NOT cheat!!