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Each student will have to create a short video representing an explanation of
one of the topics of the list. (topics assigned by teacher)
In the video you need to show a model of the molecules involved. It can be
done with playdough, or papers and sticks. Drawings can also be used but will
grade less.
The videos have to be sent no later than Thursday April 23rd
Short videos.
1. Condensation reaction to form maltose. Tommy P
2. Condensation reaction to form sucrose. Felipe Barra
3. Hydrolysis of α1-4 bond of amylopectin. Coro
4. Comparison of amylose, amylopectin, glycogen and cellulose. Rami
5. Condensation and polymerization of cellulose. Properties and structure.
6. Comparison of structure and function of starch and cellulose. Chute
7. Water hydrogen bonds and solvent properties and importance for living
organisms. Ramon
8. Water hydrogen bonds and specific heat capacity and importance for
living organisms. Martu
9. Water hydrogen bonds and cohesion and importance for living
organisms. Lauti
10. Condensation reaction to form peptide bond. Tina
11. Primary structure of proteins. How is the primary structure determined by
mRNA in the ribosomes. Pipe Spinetto
12. Hydrogen bonds and secondary structure of proteins. Anita
13. Tertiary structure of proteins. Bonds in tertiary structure. Gero Rocco
14. Properties of globular and fibrous proteins. Nico
15. Phospholipid structure. Unsaturated and saturated lipids differences in
structures importance for the cell membrane. Jose
16. Globular and fibrous proteins compared. Franchi
17. Haemoglobin structure related to function Oliver
18. Collagen structure related to function. Wino
19. Condensation reaction to form triglycerides. Jean