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Small Car Parks
Security and Communication
Entry and exit gates
Communication at the push of
a button at entry and exit points
Stay well-connected with
your customers, guests and visitors
Easy call handling at the customer desk,
reception area or information point
Cost-efficient, serverless solutions for small-sized car parks
Opening barriers or forwarding calls with a
simple tap of the finger or push of a button,
with live video providing
a perfect overview
Welcome your guests as they arrive at the hotel
car park by opening the car park gates for them.
Shopping centres and retail businesses
Making sure there is always someone to help in case
something goes wrong – offering instant assistance in
case of ticket trouble, queries or other issues.
Medical Centre
Excellent patient connections at the car park, doors and wards. Loudspeakers provide relaxing background music and support announcements, e.g., for calling waiting patients into the treatment rooms.
Any barrier gate
Ticket vending
Intercom Stations
Compact modules for easy
integration into device casings
Extra security, e.g., for parking
spaces reserved for parent and child
Take advantage of easy-to-integrate modules to ensure
reliable communication wherever it is needed.
Flexible call forwarding
If the receiving Intercom station happens to be unattended, the call is automatically forwarded to the next available
Intercom station, SIP telephone or mobile phone.
Simply compatible
Seamless integration with
SIP PBX telephone systems
Doors and Gates
Public Address
Intercom stations for reception
Loudspeaker with
areas and for access control network connection port
Transport and Infrastructure
Serverless communication
Commend stations come with enough built-in
intelligence to make a server unnecessary.
SIP stations and SIP capable telephones interface seamlessly into an
intelligent, independent communication network without the need for a
controlling server.
Cost-efficient and ideal for small-scale applications
Calls can be made in both directions
Calls can be forwarded to the telephone network via a gateway
Quick and easy to set up and start up
Re-dialling, e.g., for opening gates
SIP telephony and SIP Station functionality
united in one device.
Duetto provides intuitive user interaction for call handling
and offers fast access to all functions. Duetto’s dual audio
capabilities make it possible to handle two calls simultaneously, with live video providing a perfect overview.
More than just communication
Relays and attendant contacts enable powerful control functions
Stations come with the ability to remote-control relays.
–– Doors, shutters, gates and barriers open effortlessly at the
touch of a button (desktop or mobile telephone) or by remote
control via a third-party system (http request)
–– Easy control of signal lamps and other subsections
–– Input monitoring and output controlling
Attendant contacts for additional indication of operating states such as
Error, Ringing, Active Call, etc. (e. g., automatic activation of flashing light
signal to indicate incoming calls).
Entry and exit barrier gates
Video cameras
Ticket vending machines
Commend Intercom modules enable the space-saving installation of Intercom stations into barrier gates and ticket vending machines. Just plug in your Ethernet
cable and you are ready to start configuring. Power can be supplied either via a PoE capable network switch or via a local external power supply. Video cameras help
to put things in a better perspective. Video cameras of different manufacturers and standard video protocols are supported.
Solution for parking lots and parking garages
Optimum speech intelligibility
Configuration made easy
Always there for you
A loud, clear and beautifully crisp voice signal
ensures natural, face-to-face style communication with visitors, customers and guests – suppression of interfering background sounds such
as traffic noise and easy to hear, thanks to higher
volume capacity than standard SIP stations.
The stations are specifically designed for easy,
convenient configuration over the special Web
Interface. A few clicks is all it takes to set up a
solution. For large-scale installations, the provisioning function helps to deploy configuration settings
­automatically to connected stations at once.
Pressing the call button triggers the playback of a
customised voice message, reassuring the caller
that someone will be available shortly to assist
them – whether at a barrier or at a door.
Easy call handling
Fast, uncomplicated call handling – whether by touchoperated Commend Intercom Station Duetto or a SIP
capable telephone by a third-party manufacturer.
Flexible call forwarding
In case the central Intercom Station is currently unattended or unavailable, incoming calls are forwarded automatically in accordance with a pre-defined order
of priority.
–– SIP Stations or SIP telephones on the same network
–– Landline or mobile number – requires gateway or SIP server
–– Commend SIP Client (iOS / Android) – requires SIP server
Server support: sharing the same language
Where a SIP PBX system and server already exist, our Intercom stations
integrate seamlessly with the server to provide the best of both worlds.
Compatible systems – see reverse.
Emergency calls
Doors and Gates
IP-Public Address
Provide extra security with Emergency Call
Stations – e. g., for parking spaces reserved
for parent and child
Welcome your customers, guests and visitors
in perfect speech quality
Take advantage of our SIP loudspeakers for
announcements, messaging and music feeds
for outdoor spaces or indoor areas
(e. g., medical practice)
Extension Options
Barrier-free Communication
Simply compatible
We take care of the audio part
A special Extension Kit (available separately) adds
the ability to transmit Intercom audio signals
to hearing aids via an induction loop to ensure
­ultimate intelligibility for hearing aid users.
SIP Stations integrate seamlessly into networked
Commend security and communication systems
as needed. Several car parks can be managed
from a central control desk.
Barrier gates and ticket vending machines are
already equipped with intelligent components by
their respective manufacturers. These can access
our audio technology, e. g. to play back custom
signal sounds or to implement custom applications (e. g., commercial announcements).
Solution components
SIP modules for gates and ticket vending machines
Control desk station with touchscreen
SIP-ET 908A SIP-ET 908A-1 SIP-ET 908MI SIP-ET 908MI1
Ready for connection of a
keypad with 18 keys or three single buttons
Ready for connection of three single
Special features
2 horizontally
RJ 45 ports
2 digital outputs for Open Drain
1 RJ 45 port
SIP video, customisable user interface,
Gesture Control, Ambient light sensor,
Handset EE HS9 (optional)
2 vertically
RJ 45 ports
2 horizontally
RJ 45 ports
2 vertically
RJ 45 ports
10 W class „D“ amplifier
1 x 8 Ω loudspeaker
4 – 50 Ω
8 – 50 Ω
4 – 50 Ω
Line-in/Line-Out switch-able via headset jack
electret microphone and build-in
microphone MIC 480
4 microphones with directivity
Microphone input for
electret microphone or
dynamic microphone, build-in
microphone MIC 480 included
Possibility for connection of a
multi-functional RGB LED
Light pipe and plexiglass LED cover,
optionally as light guide for the
multi-functional RGB LED
HD Voice 7 kHz, OpenDuplex®, Noise Cancelling, very high volume thanks to integrated class „D“ amplifier
HD ready video camera
3,1 Mega-pixel
2 digital inputs for floating contacts
Audio Quality
2 x inputs for floating contacts
Microphone input for
electret microphone or
dynamic microphone
IP protocol
Power supply
EE 980 CM – Duetto
7“ IPS touch display with 800 x 480 pixels
2 relay outputs (1x make contact, 1x
break contact – 1 of them as change over
Connection for external loudspeaker
EE 980 – Duetto
2 x SPDT relay outputs
2.5 W class „D“ amplifier
ET 970H
3 x inputs for floating contacts
ET 962H
IPv6 ready, IPv4, TCP, UDP, HTTP, RTP, RTCP, DHCP,
min. Cat. 5
2 x 10/100 MBit/s (full/half Duplex) Auto MDIX
12 – 24 VAC or 15 – 35 VDC, 500 mA or PoE
1 x 10/100 MBit/s (full/half Duplex) Auto MDIX
PoE or external power supply 24 VDC
Standard IEEE 802.3af; Power consumption of the terminal device – Class 0 (0.44 W to 12.95 W)
W 65 x H 130
x D 18 mm
W 65 x H 130
x D 21 mm
W 65 x H 130
x D 18 mm
W 65 x H 130
x D 21 mm
Feel free to contact our experts for
further details about our solution.
Visit us at
W 87.5 x H 109 x D 45 mm
Standard IEEE 802.3af; Power consumption of the
terminal device – Class 3 (6.49 to 12.95 W)
Desktop Kit EE DK9* – W 270 x H 142 x D 70 mm;
Wall-Mount Kit EE SH9* – W 270 x 138 mm x D 38 mm
*Separate mounting material
SIP PBX compatibility
Commend SIP stations can be used with a wide range of SIP PBX systems –
and the list keeps growing.
A strong network. WORLDWIDE
Commend is represented the world over by local Commend partners, ensuring
enhanced security and communication with tailored Intercom solutions.
Quality tested. Reliable. Smart.
COMMEND products are developed and manufactured by Commend­
­­Inter­national in Salzburg, Austria. The development and manufacturing
processes are certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008.