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Class : 11 plan
Online sessions
From. : 15 July to 31 July 2020
3 Zoom sessions in a week.
9 online sessions
Seema Srivastava
Contact number :84 004 40297
Zoom session 1
Total English book
Practice paper 3: question 4:
Answers to be discussed in the class.
Tool : Zoom & Slide Share
Homework: Complete question 4 of Practice Paper 3 in the book.
Zoom Session 2
Argumentative topic
Practice paper 2 : questions 1 (3 )
Men have failed, let women take over. Argue either for or Against the topic
Link to be shared
Topic to be discussed in the class.
Homework: Complete the composition discussed in the class and submit it in google classroom.
Zoom session 3
Phrasal verbs Quiz
Tools: Zoom :
Game link to be shared
Zoom session: 4
Formative assessment via Seesaw Class
Activity will be explained to the children in Zoom class
*Students will submit assignments in seesaw class
*What makes a good leader * 3marks*
The students will choose one quote that best fits their own personal views on what makes a good
Leader. They will use the record button to explain why they chose that quote and What stood out to
them for that quote.
They will post their video presentation in Seesaw class
Zoom 5:
Practice Paper 4 &5
Zoom SlideShare
Question 3 will be discussed
Homework: Complete question 3 b, C of specimen paper 4 and 5
Zoom 6
Proposal letter
Specimen paper 3
Question 2b page 52 (Total English book)
Students take the test via Google classroom
During 40 minutes of Zoom session, they will complete the test and submit it in Google classroom
During that test student’s Zoom video will be on, So we can keep a check on them
Zoom session 7
Phrasal verbs are given on page number 48 and 49 in total English book to be discussed
Homework: Complete exercises are given page number 50 and 51 in the book.
Zoom session 8
Revision of Phrasal verbs
Quiz. : kahoot.com
Tool: link to be shared in Zoom Class
Homework: Create a quiz based on phrasal verbs via quizzes .com
Zoom 9
Formative Assessment: 4 marks:
Topic: Interview your Father
Students will take an interview with their father
The following questions will be asked
1. What did you remember about the houses you lived in as a kid? Which one did you like the
2. What did you have as a child that kids today don't have?
3. Which family member has been your greatest coach in life? How have they coached you?
What has made them good at it?
4. When you were a teenager which family member did you go to for advice?
5. What is the hardest thing you went tough as a child? How did you overcome it?
6. What three adjectives would your grandparents use to describe you?
7. If you could go back to one day in your childhood, Which day would that be and why?
8. What was your favourite movie or book when you were my age?
Children will record the interview and submit it in Seesaw
Homework: Submit assignment given in Seesaw class