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Quiz 1
(Fourth Quarter)
GOD is looking. Give Him a good show.
Good Luck!
1. It is the slide hosting
service, acquired
by LinkedIn in 2012.
2. It is a cloud-based
solution to presenting
where all of the work and
content is developed and
hosted online.
3. It makes use of one
large canvas that allows
you to pan and zoom to
various parts of the canvas
and emphasize the ideas
presented there.
4. They are technologies
that are grouped to be
used as a base upon which
other applications
processes or technologies
are developed.
5. It is an online
collaborative, knowledgebased mind mapping tool to
understand and make
connections between
concepts, ideas, and
6. It is the general term
for anything that
involves delivering
hosted services over the
7. It is a free cloudbased storage
service that enables
users to store and access
files online.
8. These are websites and
applications that enable
users to create and share
content or to participate in
social networking, quickly,
efficiently and in real-
9. It allows user to convert
files without downloading a
software tool, and supports
over 1,000 different
conversion types.
10. It is a type of
software that
manages data files in
a computer system.
11. It is an online tool
that creates PDF files
from .doc and .docx
12. It is a Web-based
service that provides
detailed information about
geographical regions and
sites around the world
13. It is a personal cloud
storage service (online
backup service) that is
frequently used for file
sharing and collaboration.
14. Instagram,
Snapchat, YouTube are
examples of what
type of social media?
15. It is a free social
networking microblogging
service that allows
registered members to
broadcast short posts.
16. It is an open-content
collaborative mapping
project, aimed at marking
all geographical objects in
the world and providing a
useful description of them.
17. It is a suite of
software and services
designed for notetaking
and archiving.
18. reddit, Quora,
Digg are examples of
what type of social
19. It is a pre-designed
webpage or set of HTML
webpages that anyone can
use to plug-in their own
text content and images
into to create a website.
20. He writes the
text that will appear
on each Web page.
21. He is the
founder of Facebook
in 2004.
22. It determines how
the user is likely to
navigate through the
23. In Zoho Show,
the size of the
presentation is
limited to
stands for?
25. It is generally
the first page a user
sees when visiting a
26. It is the
planning, creation
and maintaining of
27. It accesses the
web page from
internet and displays
that web page on to
the monitor screen.
28. It is a way to link
Web pages together and
allow users to move
from one online location
to another.
29. He develops
the look and feel
of the Web site.
30. It is a free, online
photo-sharing application
and social network
platform that was acquired
by Facebook in 2012.