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CLAS 2202 Exam 2 Notes

All human beings who want to be superior to the other animals ought to struggle with every resource
not to be like cattle passing silently through life.
It is natural for the cattle to hang their heads and obey their stomachs, but all our strength is situated in
our mind as well as out body: we use the mind more for control, the body for servitude; the one we have
in common with the gods, the other with the beasts.
And so I think it more upright to seek glory with our inner resources than with our physical strength and,
since life is itself brief, to make the memory of our lives as long as possible.
I say this because the glory of wealth and physical beauty is fluid and fragile; but virtue is held brilliant
and eternal.
All human beings: even vicious ones, say Catiline
With every resource: totalization is always (!) dangerous
Does this include ambition, desire, civil war
Not to pass silently:
Say something and have people say something about you
The goal of life is the reward of history: Do something! Say
No matter what?
The Senatorial Debate: Caesar (pt.2)
Who will criticize any decree?
Time, events, fortune:
The good example becomes bad: Athens, Sulla
There may be a future consul ....
Our Institutions
Take good examples from others
Greek capital punishment
But Lex Porcia
: our ancestors were wiser than we
Do not kill them
Confiscate money, imprison in towns, let no law change this arrangement
The Senatorial Debate: Cato
Not punishments, but prevention
Your homes and possessions are at stake
Will this which is ours remain ours
Pity and compassion: the words are not true
On Life and Death
As if good and wicked did not take different paths
On Townships
As if the only criminals were in Rome
If he doesn’t fear, then I am very much afraid
Word Count: 300