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CFE:Marzo, A:Cor Unum, Anima Una

Marzo, Angelu B.
BS Psychology 2 - F
July 14, 2020
ORIENTING QUESTION: Can you identify in Saint Louis University a similar trend
to internationalization, flexibility and diversification? Give two examples of how our
university brings the CICM motto (Cor Unum, Anima Una) in practice! (Write your
answer in simple sentences, bullet form)
In Saint Louis University, there is flexibility, internationalization, and diversification. Saint
Louis University is a school composed of students with diversed cultures and are from
different regions of the Philippines. Not just that, SLU offers a high-quality education
attracting almost a thousand undergraduate and graduate international students from
around the globe. They also carry a legacy of innovative academics and research. Saint
Louis University is a diversed community of students receiving innovative and
transformative education. In addition to that, Saint Louis University also adheres to the
CICM motto — Cor Unum, Anima Una through:
Handog ng SLU sa Baguio - The annual “Handog ng SLU sa Baguio” includes
various activities, outreach programs, medical activities, concerts, and exhibits where
everyone is invited. Saint Louis University had strengthened its ties with Baguio City
and its residents by contributing tremendously to its growth and development on
different areas such as evangelization, education, infrastructure, and other more.
Arts Festival - The annual ‘arts festival’ has been celebrated every second or third
week of March in Saint Louis University. In this said event, students are encouraged
to join the Arts Festival organized by the Center for Culture and the Arts of Saint Louis
University. Here we can see students showcasing their talents, skills, and abilities in
different areas such as music, dance, theater, and arts.
The abovesaid examples are just few of the instances where Saint Louis University
brought CICM motto — Cor Unum, Anima Una in practice. Indeed, Saint Louis University
embraced the CICM motto and put it into action. They did not fail to show how one should
embody the genuine spirit of a Louisian.