Internship Syllabus

Department of American Studies, Saint Louis University
Cindy Ott
Assistant Professor
Dept. of American Studies
Saint Louis University
3800 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
Humanities Bldg. 110
Office Phone: 314-977-3790
Office Fax: 314-977-1806
What is the purpose of this course?
The internship fulfills the applied learning requirement, an integral part of the American Studies
major at Saint Louis University. Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn,
and grow in an off-campus environment, to gain skills in an area of interest, and to earn valuable
professional experience.
Internships are designed to enable students to make intellectual connections between scholarship
and the wider world, and to put their American Studies training into practice. Students work in a
variety of settings, such as arts and cultural institutions, non-profit groups, government agencies,
planning and design groups, archives, historic sites, media outlets, and advocacy organizations.
Students develop projects consistent with American Studies inquiry and concerns, methods of
accountability, relevant bibliographies, and final reports.
What are the course objectives?
• To provide a framework for students to develop projects consistent with American Studies
concerns, themes, and methods of inquiry
• To support students in undertaking self-directed and self-organized work
• To apply American Studies theories and methods within practical work environments
• To develop research, critical analysis, and writing skills
How will students be evaluated in this course?
Students are to be evaluated by the internship coordinator, in consultation with the student and
the site supervisor. The evaluation will be based on the completion of 10 on-site hours per week
through the semester, tasks and projects as required, and a final report.