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Best Practice Palo Alto Network

BPA and Security Assurance
Implementing Zero trust
BPA and Security Assurance
Implement Security
 Minimize the chances of a successful intrusion.
 Identify the presence of attackers.
 Protect your valuable data
 Protect your customers, partners, and employees and
thus protect the reputation of your business
 Help to achieve a Zero Trust security environment.
Incident Management
 Identify and Prioritize
 Access and Run the BPA
 Security Assurance
Identify and Prioritize
 Upload a Tech Support File on Customer Support
Portal and Run the BPA
 Identify and prioritize the first area of improvement to
begin the transition
 Use the BPA’s links to technical documentation to
Best Practice Assessment
From the BPA summary page, view Policies, Objects, Network, or Device
detailed reports for the selected configuration assessment.
From a detailed report, click the circled blue ? for descriptions and rationales
for the configuration check and links to technical documentation for the best
practice configuration.
Access and Run the BPA
 Access the BPA from the Customer Support Portal
Click the pencil icon to edit the Standard User to whom you want to assign BPA