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The Veldt plot questions

“The Veldt”
Writing 567
June 2020
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1. Summarize the plot of “The Veldt” in one sentence.
2. Identify the Exposition in the story
A (the characters and the setting that we read about in the first few paragraphs).
B Conflict. What is the conflict? What is the problem?
3. Identify the Rising Tension. Use two or three specific examples of things that happen in the
plot that increase the tension. (Include the paragraph number where you find these examples).
4. Identify the Climax. The climax is where the problem is resolved. (Hint: it means the problem
or conflict is ended, and not always a happy end)
5. a) Give three examples of foreshadowing in the story. Include the paragraph number in your
b) Explain how the use of foreshadowing builds tension in the plot.
6. Give two examples of dialogue between the parents and the children that are used to create
tension in the story. Include the paragraph number.
7.The two narrative examples on p. 122 - What atmosphere (emotional charge) do they have?
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral