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Tier Interventions Plan

Module 9 Lab 1
Tier Interventions Plan
(This is plan that was used this year with one of my third
grade ELL students)
 Tier 1: Reading Instruction was provided within the general
classroom setting. This student was moved to the front of the
classroom, was placed in a more intensive small group for the
Daily 5 and received cueing/ prompting by the teacher during
lesson presentations. Strategies such as simplified language,
TPR, extended time, repetition, shortened assignments and
peer learning were employed. Hearing and vision were
screened and student now wears glasses.
 Tier 2: In addition to the above general classroom Reading
Instruction, student was pulled out twice a week by a Reading
Resource teacher for RTI supplemental instruction using
additional reading materials. Activities were tailored to student
needs and translator was available if needed. Student had
access to a heritage language dictionary when needed. Student
was tested weekly on the supplemental material to monitor
 Tier 3: After three months of twice weekly pullouts and
continuing interventions in the classroom, it was determined
through testing that Tier 3 services were needed. Student was
then pulled out daily by the Reading Resource teacher for
individual supplemental instruction given at a slower pace.
Again, a translator and heritage language dictionary were
available when needed. Cognitive and native language
assessments were given to provide additional information about
the student. Evaluation for ESE was initiated due to lack of
success despite all the above interventions.