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ayodya dispute

Ayodhya dispute
The Ayodhya dispute in India concerned claims by Hindu and Muslim community of India. The main
subject of the claims was the regarding who will control the holy site Ayodhya. Babri masjid was
demolished in 1992 by Hindu. As far as the Babri masjid’s inner area is concerned the land under the
central dome is called the “inner courtyard”. The mandir side or Hindus claim that it was their deity lord
Ram’s birthplace. The dispute started with a sudden appearance of ram idol on the land under the
central dome. The Hindu side or the mandir side claims that the sudden appearance was a miracle, but
the masjid side claims the sudden appearance was nothing but a controversy. Furthermore, Muslims
believe that It was a conspiracy that the Hindu side placed the Ram idol under the central dome. The
Uttar Pradesh state government than declared this as disputed side and locked the gate. Ever since than
the gates were locked, and hearings began in court. The interesting fact is that the case lasted for 134
years in supreme court. The Supreme Court has now ruled that the site should be given to Hindus to
build a temple there (BBC,2019). However, the court added that the demolition of the Babri mosque
was against the rule of law.
ExplanationIt is believed that the city of Ayodhya was the birthplace of one of the most worshiped deity of India,
Lord Ram. The Hindu and Muslim community in India do not get along well due to the cultural
differences. The Hindus claim that the Babri masjid was built on the ruins of a Hindu temple. To prove
that statement to the government, Hindus showed some archaeological remains of wall piece which
according to them are the remains of the temple which existed before the masjid was build. There are
some engraved readings on it. Thus, they believe that it was the form of art known or practiced during
that era in Hindu community. Thus, there is no legitimate proof that a Hindu temple used to exist there.
However, in the year 1992 Hindus demolished Babri masjid which everyone knew that it was there.
Hindus destroyed something which already existed based on their belief. While on the other side, the
Muslims believe that Babri masjid was built on a vacant land. If that is true than why did the fail to prove
it in the supreme court. On September 30,2010, High court delivers a majority judgement for three-way
partition of the disputed property among Hindus, Muslims and Nirmohi Akhara but still the communities
did not accept it and made a cross appeal (Rajagopal, 2019). Thus, I think that in India disputes happen
on the pillars of beliefs rather than evidences. India is the most diverse country in the world but not in
terms of diverse mind. For an instance, a Muslim’s masjid and Hindu’s temple will rarely be next to each
other. Mahatma Gandhi said, “All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects,
unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but Truth” (Gandhi).
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