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RadiForce Medical Monitor Solutions for healthcare

EZIO is a pioneer leader in developing high-quality display solutions for businesses across the world.
Powered by cutting-edge technology, this firm has provided the best monitoring solutions for
workflows associated with graphics, air traffic control, security, and surveillance for more than 45 years.
EZIO is also a global display distributor for the health sector and offers world-class display monitors
that are capable of producing high-resolution microscopic/endoscopic images of the heart, brain, and
other parts of the body.
Currently, two products of EZIO are very popular in the market, namely, RadiForce Medical Monitor
Solutions and FlexScan Monitors for Business.
RadiForce Medical Monitor Solutions for healthcare
Under the exclusive brand RadiForce, the firm offers a variety of products such as Monochrome
Monitors, Color Monitors, and Touch Panel Color Monitors. Offering bright and clear images to analyse,
these advanced monitors enabled with a high-definition display are best suitable for applications in the
healthcare industry. With this functionality, medical professionals will be able to make a precise
diagnosis of the patients and recommend the appropriate treatment procedures.
The special features of these products include hassle-free configuration, eco-friendly LED backlight,
quick brightness stabilization, easier navigation, multiple-image display, and power-saving option.
RadiForce Medical Displays Buy Online options are also available in plenty on different e-commerce
FlexScan Monitors for Business
These monitors are specially designed for enhancing performance and reducing fatigue during work.
Powered with 4K resolution, these monitors produce clear text and vivid images. In addition, these are
aptly suitable for use with MacBook, XPS, as well as other high-end notebooks.
The other exclusive features include USB Type-C Port, Multiple Inputs, Auto Brightness Control, LED
Backlight, and built-in speakers.Additionally, these monitors come with an anti-glare screen to prevent
eye fatigue to facilitate working in a dim-light environment.
Leverage the maximum benefits of high-tech visual monitors by investing in world-class EIZO products.
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