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Dangerous decibels

Instructions: Follow this link to the webquest homepage. Complete the
questions for the sections in bold
How do we hear?
1. How many hair cells does a typical human ear have?
2. What is the cause of hearing loss or tinnitus? What physical effects does
this have on the hair cells?
Click on the ‘look inside your ear’
3. Which three bones make up the OSSICLES?
4. Which part of the ear receives and send vibrations to the ossicles?
5. What does the cochlea contain?
How loud is too loud?
6. What is the maximum number of decibels that it is safe to listen to for an
infinite amount of time?
7. How long can you listen to traffic before hearing damage starts to occur?
8. At how many decibels does immediate hearing damage occur?
How do we measure sound waves?
9. What part of sound does amplitude measure?
10. What is frequency and what unit is it measured in?
11. According to the standards, what would be the permissible amount of
time to listen to a leaf blower working? A hair dryer?
Rock your world:
12. Complete the scenarios. List strategies you could use to protect your
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