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Floorings and Coatings for Industrial Finishes Company In Dubai

 Industrial floorings are always suffered from heavy
loads, high impact and heavy machinery, fork-lift,
point loading unloading from heavy equipment or any
crates such as a forklift. Also sometimes happens in
the leaking of chemicals which is very harmful to the
worker and such problems that area’s flooring facing
all the time. So for this type of problems Smartcrete
Decorative Solutions provides different Industrial
Finishes Company Services for Floorings.
 SDS provides services for Heavy Duty Industrial
Flooring & Coatings, which gives your surface to more
strength that helps in facing extreme pressure and
heavy loads. Some of the Important things that need
to be considered in the selection of the type of flooring
depends on usage and your Budget.
 Industrial coatings are mostly used to protect the
substrate. Coatings help to enhance conductivity,
flame resistance and such things. There are Multiple
Options of Coatings are available In the market. If you
are looking for quality Industrial Finishes Company in
Dubai, Smartcrete Decorative Solutions Provide HighQuality Coatings Services and many Interior finishes
services In Dubai as well.
 There Different ways to Applying Coatings, but the
common way is to do it like Paint, which has three
layers coatings Primer Coat, the Main Coat, and Top
layer or Sealant. All Types of material’s needs coating,
most common Substrates for Industrial Coatings are
Steel, Concrete, Wood, Plastic, Aluminium and
 ANTI-STATIC FLOORS: Anti Static flooring systems is a safe
control of electrical static charge that creates from an employee’s
movement. It also helps in reducing an accidental leakage
discharge which can affect any other Electronic Components
during manufacture.
 EPOXY COATING: Epoxy is based on a combination of resins
and hardeners. When mixed, the resin and hardener chemically
react to form a rigid plastic material. The final is strong, durable,
resistant, and bonds extremely well to most base layers.
 POLYURETHANE FLOORING: This Provides a Surface with
excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other forms
of physical aggression. It is a seamless, smooth finish with
uniform colour based on water dispersed polyurethane resin.