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the right chemistry
Flooring Systems
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the right chemistry
At IBC we love the spark of new ideas
and creating the right chemistry for our
clients. Our technical experts combine the
best elements of knowledge, experience,
products and customer support to
invent or create successful construction
Covering all the angles
IBC is at the cutting edge of construction
techniques. You know best the issues
affecting your work, so we work with you
to discover your precise requirements.
Together, we develop targeted, innovative
approaches to make that breakthrough.
We don’t put round pegs in square
With IBC, you get a tailor-made solution.
We use our knowledge, experience and
international reach to promote solutions,
not products. Through our international
supply network, you can benefit from
entire product ranges and global R&D
Speaking your language
Our people skills are just as impressive
as our technical know-how. With over
30 years of experience, and national
coverage, we guarantee an excellent
customer service relationship.
IBC , the right chemistry
Combining the best mix of products,
knowledge, experience and customer
Bright Sparks!
IBC is the leading, Irish-owned manufacturer
and distributor of construction chemicals.
Flooring Systems
High early strength
Using “the right chemistry”, IBC have succeeded in producing a range of unique,
low-shrinkage, high early strength, fast-setting, trafficable, cement based floor
All our screeds are pre-blended, polymer modified, pumpable, and are designed
to meet the high standard requirements of the construction industry. If your
requirements are for a high quality floor finish on a domestic, commercial,
under-floor heating or industrial project, IBC have it covered.
Domestic & Commercial Range
Cemdure Range
Rapidly drying levelling mortar for house-building.
Cemfort Range
A very rapidly drying levelling mortar for house-building and utility
Coloured Flooring
Cemstyle Range
A decorative self-levelling floor screed available in a range of various
colours for domestic, commercial & industrial applications.
Flooring Systems
Industrial range
Cemtop Range
The Cemtop product range has been specially designed to suit
specific application requirements ranging from:
Pumpable base layers for industrial floors
Pumpable fibre reinforced screed for use with underfloor heating systems and/or wooden foundations.
Pumpable screed for industrial use
Pumpable floor screed for heavy forklift traffic
Pumpable high strength screed suitable for internal & external use
Polyurethane & Epoxy based coatings
We offer the following high quality Polyurethane & Epoxy based
A one-component polyurethane-based coating which is highly resistant to
chemical attack.
Maxurethane Top
A high chemical resistant, one-component polyurethane-based coating
suitable for internal & external use.
A two-component water-based epoxy coating available in matte or gloss
Maxepox 800
A high chemical resistant, epoxy based coating approved for use in the food
A water thinnable colourless and environmentally friendly PU-resin. Cempur
protects the surface against penetrating dirt. Can be applied rapidly and
Cempur 2K
A two-component water-based epoxy coating suitable for exterior use.
Coloured Coatings
Cempox & Cempox Colour
Cempox is a two-component water-based epoxy matte finish coating. Cempox
colour produces a silky gloss finish and is available in a range of colours.
Our Partners
Cemart is a company specialising in patching mortar and self-levelling floor mortar.
Their expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience in floor manufacturing
and floor placing techniques.
Established in 1977, DRIZORO supplies specialty mortars and systems designed for
flooring and decorative finishes. DRIZORO’s Headquarters, Production and R&D
facilities are based in Madrid, Spain, and from there, the international division provides
technical assistance to customers in more than thirty countries worldwide.
the right chemistry
We have segmented our full product offering into the product groups shown
below. Should your particular requirements not be included here, please call us
on +353 (0) 1 832 10 05, or email your inquiry to
Structural Waterproofing:
• Sodium Bentonite
• Bituminous
• Cementitious
• Polyurethane
• Re-Injectable Hose Systems
Concrete Repair:
• Epoxy, Cementitious, Polymer Modified and Polyester Structural Repair Mortars.
• Adhesive / Bonding Agents
• Carbon Fibre Structural Strengthening System
• Fairing/Levelling Mortars
• Carbon Protection Coatings
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Epoxy, Polymer Modified, and Cementitious Screeds.
• Fast-track Flooring Systems
• Epoxy Coatings
• Acrylic Coatings
• Polyurethane Coatings
• Dry–Shakes
• Fast Track Floor Repair Products
• Temporary Protective Peelable Coatings
• Shrink Compensated Grouts
Plastering and Rendering:
• Liquid Waterproofers
• uPVC Beading
• Reinforcement Mesh
• Bonders and Sealers
• Fairing Coats
• Water Repellents
Damproofing and Remedial:
• Injection Systems
• Drainage Membranes
• Waterproof Coatings
• Water Repellents
• Mortar and Concrete Admixtures
• Wood Preservatives
• Sealants and Adhesives
• Protective Peelable Coatings
• Surface Coatings and Sealers
• Colour Pigments
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