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To IBH for Amendment - LDS

Ref : CEMC/ Admin/ LC/ IBF/ Amdt 01
Date : 03.11.2018
Executive Director
Islami Bank Foundation
Kakrail, Dhaka
Ref : Our mail on 01.11.2018
Subject : Request for Amendment of LC (No 089218010223 Date 26.09.18)
Dear Sir
Thank you very much for arranging the withdrawal of sanction clause.
To facilitate the shipment of the goods please amend your LC No 089218010223 Date 26.09.18 to allow
a Latest Date of Shipment on 30.11.2018 (LC expiry date accordingly). We will arrange to ship the goods
as soon as the amendment is received by Commerzbank Lubeck Germany.
Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
For City Electro Medics Co
Mohammed Tipu Sultan