2018 1-2 HEAD START (2)

PHYSICS 1 + 2 : 2018
What ideas explain the Physical world?
How do
How can Thermal effects be
What is matter and how is it formed?
You will devote time in Unit 1 to these topics
Transition 2018 JC
UNIT 2: What do experiments
reveal about the Physical
How can motion be described and
Physics Investigations
Transition 2018 JC
Introduction: Congratulations and welcome to VCE Physics. You will
find Physics to be one the most satisfying and interesting subjects you
will study, however, Physics is also a very challenging subject and
requires persistence, hard work and a little bit of common sense.
When studying Physics we can easily relate the concepts you learn to
the real world as Physics is the study of the Physical world.
Before you begin Unit One you need to ensure that you are organised
and in the right frame of mind. Over the holiday break you need to
complete the attached homework assignment and ensure that you
have the right text book, and stationery to start the year organised.
Homework expectations.
Students completing Unit 1 & 2 Physics will be expected to complete a minimum of 4
hours homework per week on this study. That homework will comprise weekly
problems as set in classes. Writing up practical reports, completing virtual practical
activities (using Data Studio and Capstone), working on major assessment tasks and
revising for tests and exams.
All students will sit a mastery learning test from time to time. Students will be
expected to revise for these tests as they will be based upon the homework tasks that
have been set.
Physics Unit 1 & 2 is formally assessed on both June and November by a 90 minute
exam. Students are permitted to bring an A4 sheet of paper into the exam.
Revision for these exams is ongoing and any spare time throughout the year should
be spent cross-referencing other text books, referring to the text website resources
and preparing summaries of topics.
Ask for help when you need it!
Transition 2018 JC
1. Make sure you have a green Calculator
2. Ensure you have Capstone on your computer
3. Read Chapter 1 of Text – Heat Temperature and Internal
4. Make a small list of notes using the headings in this chapter.
5. Complete the questions at the end of Chapter 1.
Transition 2018 JC
Transition 2018 JC