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Virtual Lesson Plan Workshop

Fwd: Additional Virtual Lesson Planning Sessions (D17) Week of 5/18
Williams Lakeasha
Thu 5/14/2020 6:05 PM
 Salmeron Yrma;
 Gillus Rashida;
 July Sealey Nell;
 Palmer Starr;
 Cadogan Arlene;
 Guillaume Erica
 Hogan Michelle (17K399);
 Graham Rose
Please sign up for the May 19th virtual lesson planning session.
3rd grade team- be sure to model the strategy explicitly for students prior to asking questions;
Ms Hogan is available for additional support
4th grade team- refrain from using the cause and effect strategy; see the link posted for
additional reading strategies
Feel free to contact me for any clarity.
Have a great day!
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Year Two: Leading with Purpose & Intention
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To: Smith Debra; Phillip Hazel; Metzger Gretchen; Dodd Pamela; Mostafa Hebatalla; Salmeron
Yrma; Francis Long Kareen; Anderson Joseph; Renata Marques
Cc: Mardy Marc; Morris Wendy; Maluf Olga; Weekes Karen; Geters Mecca; Graham Rose; Williams
Lakeasha; Macey Valerie; Kristen Pelekanakis; Luard Michele; Keisha Rattray; Shira Katz; Lindsay
Subject: Re: Additional Virtual Lesson Planning Sessions (D17) Week of 5/18
Hello D17 Mentors,
I hope your week has provided you with some routine that brought relief as well as kindness
for yourselves and your personal and professional communities.
I am continuing to highlight our virtual sessions as I hear more and more the need
for support around student engagement, education around online learning standards and
how to provide feedback and assess for mastery of skill and understanding. As a result, we
are continuing to offer lesson planning support as well as as a new session around
analyzing student virtual learning.
If you wish to attend any of the sessions listed below, simply click on the direct Zoom link
next to the session time that works for you even if it is not the "proper" grade band as the
learning will be almost identical.
Virtual Lesson Planning:
Designed for mentors to enhance their instructional supports around planning instruction
that will serve students’ academic and social/emotional needs. Participants should please
come with a lesson plan they could share digitally or an idea for a lesson to be planned and
taught in the near future (their own, or a teacher’s that they mentor/coach).
Tuesday, May 19th 10-11:30am K-5 Virtual Lesson Planning
Thursday, May 21st 12-2:30pm6-12 Virtual Lesson Planning
Analyzing Student Virtual Learning- New!
This 90-minute workshop session is for mentors and coaches who want to provide high-impact
instructional support to teachers in service of engaged, standards-based student learning.In
our current context of a global pandemic and remote learning, teaching, and
mentoring/coaching, what is the learning in which students are asked to engage? How might
mentors/coaches provide support around analyzing student learning that would serve
students’ academic and social/emotional needs?
Tuesday, May 19th 12-2:30pm 6-12 Analyzing Student Virtual
Thursday, May 21st 10-11:30am K-5 Analyzing Student Virtual
Mentor/Coach CAL Webinar:
An opportunity for all mentors/coaches to share problems of practice (with virtual mentoring)
and coach one another utilizing a CAL
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 12:30-1:30pm Mentor/Coach CAL
Webinar (for all Mentors and Coaches)
CTLE credits will be awarded.
With warmth,