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Q2. Evaluate the persuasive appeal of this message.
a. Which needs does this message address?
b. How does it try to accomplish its goal, to sell merchandise?
c. Do you think it’s effective?
Online shoe and apparel store Zappos seems to abide by a unique motto: “We are a service
company that happens to sell.” With a record-setting 10-hour customer service call,24 Zappos
bolstered its reputation for pleasing online shoppers. Therefore, it’s perhaps not surprising that
the online retailer sent this preholiday mailer with a coupon code to some of its less active
It just wouldn’t be the holidays without you!
We’d love to see you again . . .
That’s why we’re giving you 10% off your next Zappos.com order!
These coupons are very rare, but then again, you are very special.
Here’s your handy-dandy coupon code to use during checkout:
Can’t wait to see you!
The Zappos Family