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Vincent speaking 6.2

Speaking 6.2
In-class activities:
1. Some college students choose to take courses in a variety of subject areas
in order to get a broad education. Others choose to focus on a single
subject area in order to have a deeper understanding of that area. Which
approach to course selection do you think is better for students and why?
1.1 Students are able to enlarge knowledge in many subjects.
e.g. I went to Thailand before, and I have learnt the local culture in
the famous spot in history subject. So, I could understand many
culture in Thailand.
1.2 I also have learnt biography subject. Once, I have been invited to a
wedding, and then I was very bored, I took an onion to split its skin.
Because I had learnt this in the biography class, I can use the related
knowledges to study the onion. If I just take a single subject, I am not
able to study other interesting subjects.
2. Some people believe that television has had a positive influence on
society. Others believe it has had a negative influence on society. Which
do you agree with and why? Use details and examples to explain your
2.1 Television decreases the vision of people, especially people have a
long time to keep their eyes on the television screen.
2.2 Television interrupts people when they’re working and studying. If
people want to watch TV dramas, they will be attracted by television.
1. Some students prefer to work on class assignments by themselves. Others
believe it is better to work in a group. Which do you prefer? Explain why.
2. Some people have one career throughout their lives. Other people do
different kinds of work at different points in their lives. Which do you
think is better? Explain why.